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Interested in bringing your brews to Augtoberfest?

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We are Jen and Paul, the owners behind Talking Dog Brewing! Our love of craft beer began long ago, over 2 decades in fact. We were long time home brewers, and we were inspired to open a brewery here in Spruce Grove.  We opened our doors in the fall of 2020 and recently celebrated the brewery’s anniversary with 2 Years of Beers! Our taps change with the seasons and our mood, as does our food menu. We believe in supporting local and we know this elevates our final product. Our family friendly taproom offers food, beer, non-alcoholic beverages and a game shelf for everyone to enjoy.



Jen and Paul and family

We would like to extend an extra special Augtoberfest "Thank You!" to Jen and Paul of Talking Dog Brewery for their continuing support and for sharing their extensive industry knowledge which has been instrumental in the organization and execution of Augtoberfest 2023.



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RavenWolf  Brewing Co. Ltd. is a community focused brewery. We are FROM, IN and FOR the community.

Our vision is to produce bold and intriguing finely crafted beers. 

The raven is sometimes known as "the wolf-bird” being seen as curious, mysterious and inspiring.  A wolf symbolizes loyalty and family connection.  Wolves live in community sharing daily life, caring for one another and forming friendships. Ravens and wolves have similar qualities and enjoy a close association.  These traits gave birth to the vision for RavenWolf Brewing Co. Ltd. Owned and operated by husband and wife team Randal and Jan Gillett, the brewery and taproom is truly “FROM”, “IN” AND “FOR” our local community. Committing both time and resources, they have always had a heart for the Tri-Region and are known for extending warm and open hospitality.  So a brewery with taproom is just a “new space” and the next step for them to continue bringing people together. Their dream has taken them to them to visit and learn from other brewers throughout Alberta and British Columbia giving them a strong understanding of the industry, as well as the core philosophies and skills important to craft brewing. 

Their vision is to focus on quality, connections and inspire you to - “Craft Your Life”.


Banded Peak opened in 2016 with a passion for making beer taste as good as it does on a mountain top. Based in Calgary, Alberta, our brewers have access to some of the best ingredients in the world – Alberta Malt. Our consistently fresh style bending beers are brewed for planning, executing, and celebrating any adventure life throws at you.


Olds College Brewery Logo PNG.png

The Olds College Brewery Retail Store sells cans, bottles, bombers, growlers and kegs. Our beers are also available at leading bars, restaurants, and liquor retailers across central Alberta! We produce all types of beer and train students in all beer styles, so we are constantly turning out new and creative seasonal brews in addition to our four ‘core’ brands.
As a social enterprise we are not profit driven. All revenue from beer sales goes toward supporting education and in doing so, the brewing industry.

Brewsters Logo PNG.png

Our founder Michael Lanigan started Brewsters in 1989, way before small-batch brewing was the trend it is today. Now, as a second-generation family business, our batches aren’t as small as they once were. But the idea that got us started is the idea that still drives us today. It’s a pretty simple formula, really – combine beer that’s brewed with passion with an outstanding dining experience. That formula has led us to where we are today – one of Alberta’s longest-standing local breweries, with 9 restaurants across the province.

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Blindman Brewing is a locally-minded, community-focused craft brewery based in sunny Lacombe, Alberta.

Dedicated to bringing you the best.

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948 Brewing Company is an Airdrie based, small batch brewery. Founded by two long time friends, we wanted a way to bring our unique beers to Airdrie and help grow the community we grew up in. We have a small, ten hectolitre , brewhouse with 12 fermentors. 948 is the original telephone prefix for Airdrie phone numbers and we are proud to name our brewery after three numbers that connected our city for so many years.


We craft the beer, you craft the story… At Born Brewing Co. we believe beers are more than a beverage. They are laughing until you can’t breathe and camping under the stars in Banff. They are backyard barbecues on long weekends and sunburns from Spring skiing. That is why Born brews crisp, fresh, unique beers that have you itching for your next journey. Whether it be a summit push, a new bike route to work, or first tracks in the back country, we believe that we were all born to adventure. Adventure is everywhere, and whether we’re recounting stories across a table in the taproom or meeting up for an alpine start at the trailhead, adventures are best when they are shared. So, order a pint and tell us about your weekend trip or grab some cans and hit the trail…because BORN Brewing Co. makes beer that is best paired with adventure.


Alberta's first rural destination brewery, Apex Brewing was built by family and friends deep in the woods of Yellowhead County. Using simple ingredients to create complex flavours, our award-winning beers capture the spirit, stories and adventure that come from brewing beer in Alberta's backyard. We believe quality is something you can taste, and we push our recipes and techniques to make sure we create beers you'll love to enjoy in the backcountry, around the campfire or at your local pub!


The name Arcadia comes from Greek mythology or if you ask the owner Darren... it comes from English band The Libertines. It’s a Utopia, a place based on community & bringing people together through beer, music, sports, art, and social causes. More specifically a place where two true hearts & minds & melodies belong. The goal of Arcadia is to build community! That starts with supporting services within our own backyard. It extends to supporting local artists and other organizations that contribute to building our community. Arcadia is a throwback to simpler times, or better yet the grass roots of our youth surrounded by community. There were no good old days, these are the good old days. We want you to build new memories with friends, meet new people, be in the moment and have your time here in Arcadia become your good old days. The nostalgic Coliseum seats, the backyard vibe, the block party aesthetic, and throwback playlist, will hopefully help do that.

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Solutions Brewing is a brewery founded on the idea that great solutions can come from anywhere and many of us have our own little solutions or fixes to everyday challenges. This is why all of our beers have gone through many trials until we found our winning solutions. Solutions Brewing Co. is founded in Airdrie by three friends bonding over their love of beer and wanting to experiment with new beer flavors. Since 2013 we have been home brewing to craft and define our signature beer. We are now ready to share what we have created with you and believe you will enjoy it.

Field & Forge PNG.png

When Robert Bilton founded Field and Forge, he wanted a name that reflected the history and legacy of the Bilton Family. The “Field” portion of Field and Forge refers to the story of Robert’s great grandfather, William Shirley Bilton. He set out to find land to homestead in the 1890s, traveling from Ontario to Alberta. In Calgary, he rented a saddle horse, and headed north east. He applied for a homestead in Knee Hill Valley, several miles east of Innisfail. This piece of land has remained in the Bilton family for 127 years, and is now owned by William’s great grandson (Robert's brother), Leigh Bilton. He continues to grow prized malt barley, canola, and wheat upon this land today.​ The “Forge” in Field and Forge is derived from Robert’s company, Bilton Welding and Manufacturing. Founded over 25 years ago, the company continues to grow and thrive today. Combining his family’s legacy with his life’s work, the name Field and Forge was born. In a continuation of the family commitment to the Central Alberta region, Field and Forge is committed to supporting the local community by providing jobs, diversifying the local economy and adding value to agricultural products. Field and Forge supports other craft brewers, meeting their capacity demands through contract brewing to help them build their own brands. Furthermore, at Field and Forge, we believe that diversity is one of the great strengths of Canada. Our staff are integral in creating an inclusive space and providing intersectional perspectives to keep our brand current. At Field and Forge, we are fully committed to the pursuit of the highest quality and consistency. To this end, we have invested heavily into the best brewing equipment from around the world, with high levels of automation and quality control. The staff are experienced, engaged and passionate about this project, creating a warm environment where community can thrive. The brewery is accompanied by a gastro pub, where the “Field” and “Forge” are exemplified in the architectural design and decor. To complement the beer, Field and Forge features a menu designed by an award-winning chef.


Join us and enjoy a beer at Field and Forge, a place that William would be proud of. 

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Polyrhythm Brewing is founded on the idea of bringing people, beer and music together in perfect harmony. Polyrhythm is the combination of many rhythms to create a melody and that is what Taylor and Chelsea hope to create with community and beer. A cohesion of where art meets beer bringing everyone together to enjoy.


Annex Ale Project takes a proactive approach to being leaders in the craft brewing community by constantly striving to make tiny changes for the betterment of the people we serve. We are committed to frequent experimentation with product, and we strive for fearless ambition when it comes to bringing new experiences to our guests.

Annex produces four year-round beers and a variety of experimental and seasonal beers. With the recent expansion, Annex has added a mixed fermentation program using wild yeast, lactic acid, and other funky microbes. In addition to the award-winning beers, Annex produces three sodas using whole, natural ingredients. You can find Annex’s sodas paired with local Alberta spirits in the soda shop, located within the taproom.

Analog Logo.webp

Analog was created by two best friends from college and a love for craft beer/video games. While we both held different jobs through our lives we eventually got tired of the grind and sought out to do something that combined our passions of craft beer and being massive nerds.

In 2018 we made our dream a reality and thus Analog Brewing was born.

Analog Brewing is an extension of the personalities of its founders: beer lovers and nerds who love sci-fi, vintage video games, and board games.

We are also proudly Albertan and proudly Canadian. We eat local and drink local. Alberta has world class grain that we showcase in our easy-drinking, delicious, sessionable beers.


Black Fly Beverage Company, Ontario's first micro-distillery was founded in 2005 by husband & wife Rob Kelly and Cathy Siskind-Kelly after being awarded the first Distillery License granted in Ontario in over 100 years. The vision was to create MORE NATURAL and LESS SWEET premium spirit beverages using quality ingredients and innovative packaging. Like the iconic Canadian insect after which the company is named, Black Fly started small with determination to fly under the radar and deliver a mighty bite. Since that time, Black Fly has successfully developed and launched a lineup of unique premium spirit beverages that speak to what today's consumers are looking for; innovative "NOT TOO SWEET" quality drinks.

Originally housed in an historic bank building in the heart of downtown London, Ontario, Black Fly Beverage Company moved its operation in May of 2008 to a state-of-the-art production facility located in the city's leading industrial quarter. Today Black Fly continues its tradition of developing and producing premium spirit beverages for Canadian markets and beyond.


 I took a year off drinking in support of someone special in my life who needed to quit. That was back in 2006. And even though I had a healthy relationship with alcohol, that year showed me the benefits of sobriety. It took a bit to get comfortable. I had to learn to be 'myself' in some social settings when I would normally have a few drinks on board. But it wasn't long before I was the guy with the lampshade on my head again even without the influence of alcohol. When the year was up, I reflected on the benefits (and there were a lot!). Waking up feeling fresh instead of hungover was a big one. Being able to drive myself home after a night out. Keeping up with my three young children. Not having to worry how things went the night before, and not putting on weight like I had in the past. Even though there were huge benefits, I still missed the social side of 'going for a beer'. At the time, the non-alcoholic beer selection was lacking. I thought that there had to be better options, hence, One For The Road Brewing was born. The beer that was really a self-fulfilling endeavor now fills the void missed by so many.

We love being able to provide good award-winning craft beer to all beer lovers. The most rewarding part is receiving the emails and shout-outs from those that are so happy to either have beer back in their lives or those who are able to enjoy more craft beer, more often without being limited by alcohol. It's people like you who inspire us to keep crushing on those NA beers. So thanks for being a part of our journey.

Bronc Main_Outlined_4x.png

Bronc Beer is an easy drinking and affordable beer for those looking to adopt a new tradition. We celebrate the heritage and authenticity of Western Canada with an all-natural, all-Canadian beer perfect to forge new paths and make new memories. We’re carefree, we’re positive, we’re a little cheeky, but most importantly we’re about good times with good folks.

NoBo Logo .png

When you live in a place as beautiful as Alberta, its easy to be inspired. From the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the stunning badlands, adventure is everywhere here. That’s what inspired NoBo. NoBo means No Boundaries. We love people who push the boundaries every day, literally and figuratively. The groundbreaker. The avid adventurer. The eager explorer. The wicked wanderer. Made with quality ingredients and natural flavours, NoBo is a ready-to-drink vodka soda that breaks the boundaries of refreshing. Low sugar and calories means you get straight to that crisp and fizzy freshness.



The Nut Man is really a woman! She continues the legacy of fine treats, snacks, chocolates, nuts, toys, and gifts that inspired The Nut Man Co years ago. Currently, The Nut Man Co offers over 100 varieties of prepackaged nuts, candies, popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate, and mixes both domestic and imported from all over the world. We continue to contribute to the Volunteer Resources of Hospitals through their commercial vendor program and to other charitable societies. We also have fundraising programs for schools, sports groups, and any interested party. Our products are changing to reflect the times. We constantly search for healthier items such as soya nuts, flax, and various mixes, however, the quality nuts and chocolate seem to always be in demand. Our marketing programs expand and we continue to seek new ways to serve our customers and wholesalers. We are still Nutty after all these years! We are also woman-owned and operated. We are wiser from experience, networks of business contacts, customers and friends. We are blessed with a family we call staff, who input their thoughts and feelings as well as our wholesaler owners who give regular feedback and support. Although we have grown from a very small beginning to a well-known company in many parts of Western Canada, it still feels like we are just beginning. We couldn't have done it without our valued customers, staff, and families.


Our Mission is to help you enjoy every on the go beverage to the last drop. While giving artists, companies and events a new way to get their brand out. Have it fit in your pocket, purse, cup holder, around your wrist to easily take it anywhere you go.

The loop fabric on 100% of the surface allows you to attach the velcro end of the wrap to fit any can, cup , bottle or container.(you can link them together to fir larger containers)We made a reusable, long lasting alertnative to Styrofoam cups, cardboard sleeves and double cups.

Our packaging is cusomizable for your event, made of cardboard to save the enviroment of single use plastics. Let us give you a laugh and your drink a HUG! Don't Forget to Wrap It Up!

West County Smokers & Grills_Logo.png

West Country Smokers & Grills is an authorized dealer for wood pellet smokers and bbq's such as Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills and now Broilking.

We gladly serve Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County and County of Lac Ste. Anne. As an authorized Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills we have a large assortment of Wood Pellet Smokers, Vertical Smokers,  bbq's, accessories, rubs, sauces and wood pellets. From Wood Pellets, Accessories, Spices and Sauces West Country Smokers and Grills has everything you need to get your Grill On!

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